Friday, September 9, 2011

Japan transition to Hong Kong Shatin -Shing Mun River

Here is a sign from the street in Tokyo where I stayed for 3 nights. I took the subway from here to visit Dr Ken on Thursday, a PA who goes to the US to learn about pediatric scientific advances for an integrative clinic in Tokyo. We met at an Autism One Conference in Chicago and I enjoyed his far reaching interest in public health. We talked about the change in radiation level from the Fukishima 3/11 event and how the diet of fish may be compromised. I remember the strontium 90 days in the US, when our nation was still testing atomic bombs in the environment.

This is the non-descript building where the administrative office is for the clinic where a met "Dr Ken". The office across the hall did not even know they had an office there. Persistence in asking for directions!

Friday AM I took a Taxi to the Tokyo rail station where I got a orange shuttle bus to Narita Airport. I made it in plenty of time to sit in the Starbucks here and check out the ambience before getting onto the China Eastern Airlines plane to Shanghai Pu Dong. Remindful of how my grandfather and my mom, likely sat in a Fred Harvey Restaurant waiting for the Santa Fe Railroad in the 1920's much as we wait for airplanes in the new Century.

I was pleasantly surprised with the free food on the China Eastern airplane. Here is the full meal I received on my way from Tokyo to Shanghai! Food is an interesting metaphor. Soba Noodles, a beef and rice dish.

And as free beverages, even got a Chinese beer after several glasses of orange juice. Staying well hydrated on this trip.

View from my first room at the Regal Riverview Hotel along the Shing Mun River in Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong. Noticing the general haze here which I sense is from the mainland Chinese nearby burning a lot of coal. Lots of activity alone the river, where I took a walk this morning. Grateful for my Amazon Herb and Probiotic Supplements that are keeping my immune system stable here!

Levels of transition. On a world finance level, here is a Hong Kong 500 dollar bill which converts to about $64.13 US. What I find interesting is the HSBC clear writing and the direct affiliation of Hong Kong and Shanghai on the bill. I have seen the HSBC logo all over in my travels, and now knowing it stands for Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. The new world economy for sure.

Here is a park across from my hotel where many folks are doing group exercises before 7 AM. Looks like chi gong.

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  1. Wow that Airplane food looks surprising and great. How did it taste?