Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Connection with History of Dr Sun Yat Sen

Ever since my youth, Chinese culture and history has been an interest of mine. Elsewhere on this blog, I have scanned in photos of Chinese Stamps prior to the split in 1949, of the KMP that went to Taiwan and the PRC who claimed the mainland. Still recognized as a founder of democratic China from the time of 1912, is Dr Sun Yat Sen. This is the mausoleum area created after his death. A long walk up a gradual hill in the forest began here.

A warm day, we took to drinking bottles of water, which are 1 RMB in the market, and now 3-5 RMB in the tourist sites.

The forest walk on the way from the bus stop to the bottom of the walk up the stair.

Along the side of the road are planted many plane trees, another name for the sycamore relative in many of the world cities. The mottled bark is one of the hallmarks of indentification.

Here is a map for the entire hill or mountain where the Mausoleum is built.

Impressive stone and I think a cypress tree at the entrance to the memorial site.

Entry gate at the Beginning of the many stairs to the top. 392 according to wiki : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_Yat-sen_Mausoleum

The Chinese Characters likely tell the story here. Beautiful art for me AND not a lot of English here. Grateful to have a local guide to support me along the way.

Lions always seem to be big in China in the sculpture anyway. Here we are half way to the top I suppose.

Here is the building that holds Dr Sun's remians. According to wiki " . Sun was born in Guangdong province of China on November 12, 1866, and died in 1925 in Beijing, China. On April 23, 1929, the Chinese government appointed He Yingqin to be in charge of laying Dr. Sun to rest. On May 26, the coffin departed from Beijing, and on May 28, it arrived in Nanjing. On June 1, 1929, Dr. Sun was buried there. Sun, considered to be the "Father of Modern China" both in mainland China and in Taiwan, fought against the imperial Qing government and after the 1911 revolution ended the monarchy and founded the Republic of China.

Here is the view from the top and where we came from and will return to! Happy for the view!

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