Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Asian Odyssey - Hong Kong to China written from Bali

Here at the Star Ferry crossing on the Hong Kong side a couple of weeks back looking at Kowloon.
I have been off the blogging grid for a couple of weeks. Left Hong Kong for Nanjing China on Sept 12th and did not have access to this blog until yesterday and my return to Hong Kong. I am actually loading these photos from a small hotel in Bali, resting here after a 5 hour flight from Hong Kong last night. Inspired to begin writing again after Paul of www.anotherdayontherun.com asked in an email "you said that you were keeping a blog too, what's the URL? Hope Honkers (Australian slang for Hong Kong) is treating you OK." Thanks Paul. I hope to connect with his famlly again. He and his wife are both nurses and have like taken a year off to travel, with a 4 yr old son and a 9th month old as well. What a journey hey!

The night before I left for China, I got a chance to view the skyline of Hong Kong Island here. Iconic view.

Here is the tower in Kowloon at night net up to celebrate the Autumn festival. Along the harbor.

Mid September I learned is a time to share moon cakes. So here is one I got on the flight to Nanjing from Hong Kong. Filled with fruit and nuts and perhaps part of an egg. I sense it is kinda like fruit cake for the American Christmas time. The two men I had as guides, both in HK and Nanjing, really don't care for them much.

I arrived in Nanjing and my friend and guide Tony found the bus to get me to my Hotel booked by the Australian Travel group Flight Center. Here is the view out of my window. Only about a half mile from the Yangtze River here.

Here is the Nanjing Train Station where much of my activities centered out of. Took a bus here from the hotel and then took the subway to a part of Nanjing where I got a Chinese Cell phone. Was very handy to call around Zhongguo.

Here is the shopping are in Nanjing where I got my China Mobile phone

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