Friday, April 8, 2011

West Carrollton Ohio Home of Noah Elwood and Edna Eicher Weaver 1937 Visit

Recently I was honored to have a man from the West Carrollton Historical Society contact me about the photos I have posted on this blog. My intention has been to honor the work of my paternal grandfather who was an adopter of new technology back a century ago. In other posts in the past, I have photos of Noah Elwood at the family farm above Miamisburg where he had motorized bicycles with the back drop of the family farm. Here are my dad, "Pete" Paul Henry Weaver in a sporty 30's outfit with his iconic pipe, likely filled with Bond Street tobacco with my mom, Peg Weaver in 1937 two years after their marriage in Findlay.

Here in the backyard of 321 E Main St, West Carrollton are Edna Eicher Weaver, my grandmother, a close family friend, Hanna Swearingen, and my parents, Paul H "Pete" Weaver with his ever present pipe and my mom, Peg Weaver reading a paper. Peg would mention as she was writing her autobiography during shared times, how she and Pete would take the interurban (train) from Columbus to Dayton and West Carrollton. While in West Carrollton she remembered learning about Pete's stamp collecting hobby which they carried on for many years, during their moving to Minnesota until my mom's passion for mushrooms took over her attention in the 1960's.

Prior to their moving to Minnesota in 1938, Pete and Peg went camping and visited Ohio parks. Here they are in the summer of 1937 at Rock House State Park in Hocking County. In their photo album this is scanned from Peg wrote "weekend spent with Betty and Cy Giddings Cantwell Cliffs Hocking County.

This composite photo is from my parents album from a Feb 1938 visit to Ash Cave in Hocking County Ohio with Bill and Betty Biel.

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