Saturday, April 16, 2011

Learning about Asian Cuisine and Culture

Gary Engler joined me in the sushi preparation after we worked on his airplane at the St Cloud Airport. Nice and relaxing on the weekend to celebrate with home made sushi. They the tuna sashimi at Byerly's frozen and I suggested fresh stuff from the cities in the future. AND this is the first time doing it at home! Sweet From Wiki The word sashimi means "pierced body", i.e. "刺身 = sashimi = 刺し = sashi (pierced, stuck) and 身 = mi (body, meat). This word dates from the Muromachi period, and was possibly coined when the word "切る = kiru (cut), the culinary step, was considered too inauspicious to be used by anyone other than Samurai. This word may derive from the culinary practice of sticking the fish's tail and fin to the slices in identifying the fish being eaten.

A special surprise for my birthday in February occurred with Jesse and Amy here in their home in St Cloud the Monday after my birthday on Presidents Weekend. Thanks to Abraham Lincoln (Feb 12) and George Washington (Feb 22) for having their birthdays in the month of February too! So they had the day off when I came to get my van fixed at "Bodies by Uch" in Sauk Rapids Gary and I got a chance to work on his airplane too!

As part of my tutoring process with Sleepy Tigers, a Chinese tutoring business in Minneapolis, I went to a Saturday morning tour, given by Juliet Lee. See: Here is the outside of United Noodle where many different Asian foods are featured. It is located 2015 E 24th Street Minneapolis, MN 55404,/, just down the street from the Coastal Seafoods at 2330 S Minnehaha Ave 55404 (612 724 7425)

Here is Juliet showing us one of the special sauces. She has many families who have children who are learning Chinese. She suggested a variety of different products to purchase to learn about and practice cooking.

Here are some of the foods to sample, of a variety of Asian menus.

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  1. Oh! Im a filipino girl whose been a big fun of all kinds of asian food. live in japan for a long time and has just moved in america.私は日本料理、中国料理、タイ料理が大好き!