Friday, December 10, 2010

From Snow to Rain - Rosen Connections in Berkeley

Here is the view from my motel room in Berkeley on University Ave. The fall colors are from tulip trees. Interesting variety of foliage here in the bay area. My first trip back to the area since the 70's and 80's. One of Sue's best friends, Debby and along with her husband Ron and kids lived in the area. I first remember driving out to the coast in our old Rambler station wagon, likely in 1976-77 when we returned to teach botany at Camp Unistar on Cass Lake. Ron and Debby then lived on Clayton Street near Golden Gate park. Back in the day, when Sue and I attended the Duluth Unitarian group on Superior Street with the likes of Hal and Carol Leppink. Anyway, I digress. I flew out to San Francisco to attend my second Rosen Method intensive.

Here is a side street I walk down each day. Lined with older growth sycamores here catching the morning sun. I noticed that like other Mediterranean climate areas, rosemary grows well here. Take a bit off and chew.

Here is the entry way to the Rosen Center in Berkeley, a ten minute walk from 8th and University at the La Quinta.

One of the chief attractions for many of us in this intensive, is that Marion Rosen, the founder of the work, still teaches at age 96. She arrived each morning to teach along with Bill and Gloria. Here are two students, Asger from Denmark and Moa from Sweden with Marion one of the first mornings. I am very inspired by this woman who continues to share her experience, strength and hope in a good way!

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