Friday, December 24, 2010

Paul H Weaver Born Dec 24, 1910 Honoring his work in Gratitude.

Here is Paul Henry in 1919 at age nine, at his home 321 E Main Street he shared with his parents, Noah Elwood and Edna Eicher Waver. Perhaps this is on Christmas Day after he opened his presents. I notice there are a lot of books. I know that was a very important part of the family legacy. Today I keep finding family books from that era to pass on to the next generations. A legacy of reading and imagination!

At an earlier age, here is Paul Henry at a desk in the home, working with clay. Noah Elwood was quite a photographer and I am so grateful for the spirit of curiosity for learning, spawned by his early adoption of technology and Edna's having been a country school teacher.

In 1928, the year Paul Henry graduated from West Carrollton OH High School his family took a road trip to the Great Smokies, Virginia and Washington DC. Here he is by a Cedar, Arbor Vitae claimed to be 2000 years old in Virginia. He and my mom were very interested in Nature throughout their lifetimes.

After graduating from Ohio State University Medical School in 1938, he and my mom, moved to Minneapolis where he interned at Swedish Hospital. In 1939 they moved to Faribault some 50 miles south of the Twin Cities, where he joined the Faribault Clinic, then with an office over Payant Drug Store on the NW corner of Central and Forth, across from the Olympia Restaurant, the lights of which can be seen through the window. I remember climbing the long stairway to the second floor to visit my dad here in the 1950's before they built a new clinic building on the east side closer to the hospital.

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