Sunday, November 28, 2010

Noah Elwood Weaver - Adopter of New Technology - Biking to Work - RR to NCR

Noah Elwood's first bike according to my dad. Photo labeled 1902, likely at the family farm.

Here is a photo of my grandfather, Noah Elwood Weaver, wearing the hat from the Cincinnati, Hamilton, and Dayton Railroad office where he was a clerk, just down the hill from the family farm. This photo is labeled as his second motor bike from 1903-4. I remember talking with my father who supported my labeling of this. The initials E.H.E, are on the back. Certainly Edna Helena Eicher his girlfriend at the time, whom he eventually married in 1909.

CH and D office in Miamisburg where Noah Elwood, an apprentice clerk, is standing by the ladder. My father said this is where his dad worked prior to his marriage. According to the Ohio History Central Website, "CH & D's main purpose was as a commuter line. A number of new communities were built along the rail line, and wealthy people moved out of the city of Cincinnati to live in these communities. Railroads allowed people who could afford to pay the fare to live further away from where they worked.'

Here is Elwood's first motor bike with his RR Clerk hat, that he is riding to the CH and D office in Miamisburg. Labeled 1903, age 18, with his mom, Hattie Weaver in the background likely at the family farm on Bindery Hill West of Miamisburg.

NCR, Dayton, Screw Dept, 1905-06 where Elwood is standing at the upper right. He was a clerk apprentice here as well. He later became an accountant and controller at the Envelope Company in West Carrollton and Miamisburg Paper.

Among my grandfathers things I found this simple pass for the doorkeeper at NCR. My sense is that his work at NCR, a very advanced company in the US, set the stage for him to become a very successful business person in the first half of the 20th Century.

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