Monday, November 8, 2010

Lake Superior Bark Point - Flag River friends

I arrived Saturday after a drive up from the Twin Cities with my friend Stephen Sewell, a brother from my Mankind Project I group.
Awaiting us was the fresh vistas of the south Shore of Gitchi Gummi, an Anishinabeg name for this big cold mother of waters. These stone people reflect an incredible diversity that I experienced here. Peace and connection with eight other lovely men sharing from our heart about life's transitions in a good way.

Here is the view looking west and down Bark Point toward the Wisconsin Shore. The changing horizon and the waters of the lake and the wind refreshed us as we had no real agenda other than sharing from our hearts about our passions and life's missions. After an early afternoon sauna, I drove back west to Port Wing and up the Flag River to visit Rus and Cindy Hurt, whom I had not visited here since they moved here from Duluth in 1976! Rus lived in our basement at 1716 E 5th St on the east hillside part of Duluth and created a darkroom there, where he developed photos during his trips on the ore boats and up to Cloud Bay Ontario. Memories of Cloud Bay sour dough bread and the cultures we kept going in crocks back then in the 70's.

Here is Cindy in their home, built, I understand by a "one armed man who had worked at the local sawmill" according to Rus, and he got a settlement for his arm injury and got a lot of the beams for this home. Such a warm welcome with tea and great stories. Rus is a bowl wood turner and some of his creations are visible on the top of the light wood hutch. Rus then showed me a poster of his 1976 photo called "The Roll," taken on the Irving S Olds, an ore boat he was crewing on lake Huron, was in a strom in January. Check out Rus Website: - For the famous image that is now featured as a 8 X 12 foot enlargement on permanent exhibit "On the Water, Stories from Maritime America" at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History in Washington DC.

Rus Hurt and Tom Weaver in front of the wood shed at the Hurt Flag River residence near Port Wing. Connection after 34 years!
Fun to share stories and see where seeds planted years ago ae coming to harvest in a good way. Thanks for the stories Rus and Cindy, and for listening to my life's journey over tea!

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