Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ohio - Crossroads of Genealogy Stories - German - French Roots Heritage

My Cousins, Jeanette Allen Weaver (Troy Ohio) taking the photo, Wanda Grossnickle Bourdeau,far right, (Tilbury Ontario) joined me at Wanda's sister's Emma Grossnickle Cline's place, here in Farmerville Ohio, where her husband Everett Cline looks on (left).
Below are some of the family photos we scanned and talked about this day, a stormy October day in Farmersville not far from the Great Miami River in southern Ohio.

Louisa Amelia "Mary" Brandt Paul in 1905 in rural Ohio. She came from Niedersachsen a small town near Rinteln bei Weser Fluss, called Krankenhagen. It was at this farm location in the early 1900's where many family photos were taken on a stump. Jefferson Twp Montgomery Co OHIO. (hmm - they seem to keep uploading upside down - Heyoka?)

Esther Eicher, born 1873,my great aunt was over 6' 1" tall, with Charles Eicher her younger brother, and father of Bill and Betty, born in 1883, and my grandmother, Edna Eicher, born 1885, at the stump on the Paul Homestead around 1907.

Brandt-Paul First Cousins Club March 1 1959. Color photo by Noah Elwood Weaver. (This authors Grandfather.) Emma Cline's House Farmersville L-R Mark Cline, Carrie Scherer, Lou Brandon, Esther Grossnickle, Virginia Magee Weaver, Flora Paul, Milton Maue, Elwood Weaver, Everett L Cline, Richard Cline, Emma Cline, Kathy Cline, Walter Paul, George Paul, David Allen, Ida Allen, Laura Isler, Edward Duncan, Esther Duncan, Sandra (granddaugher of Esther)

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