Monday, March 21, 2016

Archiving more of NEW Photos, Automoblies, Sleigh, visions of revisiting Wright State University Archives in April

This is a loose 9 1/2 " x 7 1/2" print in the NEW Collection, the tall women in white, behind are Emma Esther Eicher (around 6 ' 3" I was told) and her younger sister, Edna Helena Eicher Weaver, my grandmother around 6'1", with my father, Paul Henry Weaver sitting behind the young man in the bow tie and woman leaning on the car.   Not sure of the kind of auto either. I have dated this around 1914 as the boy looks to be around 4 years of age.  PHW was born Dec 24, 1910.
Same car with likely PHW in the front seat, CA 1913-4, not sure of the make and model.  p57 NEW 1909-16 black leather Album (rectangular back windows)

1911 Ohio Licensed car.  Make? __________L-R  woman in white ___?Lane Paul Eicher, PHW, NEW driving.   p38

p59 couple with solid wheel care, Make? 
 1914 CA 4th of July?  Car with rectangular windows p56, Man with hat____, _____,______,____, Harriet "Hattie" Weaver

p59 NEW Car with oval cross back window, Model?  
p 58 Horse and sleigh, likely from Weaver family farm above Miamisburg with Noah Elwood Weaver turned to smile. CA 1913-14     

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