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Kettering Hills and Delco Dell 1917 Photos of Noah Elwood Weaver

 Among the photos my father, Paul H Weaver MD helped me label before his death in 1982, is part of this album I now call the 1917- 1920's large format black album This is the most iconic photo, to me, as it is called the Delco Dell Greenhouse, 1917.  Taken in October 1917 by Noah Elwood Weaver.
1917  Edna Helena Eicher Weaver  with son Paul H Weaver at Delco Dell greeenhouse, by NEW
 On the same page is labeled "Delco Dell Bridal Path", with this woodland view.  Sadly, when I google Delco Dell, there are no photos online that tell any history of the dell.  Photo by NEW

  All I could find is about the Delco Company " The name Delco came from the Dayton Engineering Laboratories Co., founded in Dayton, Ohio, by Charles Kettering and Edward A. Deeds in 1909.[1] Delco was responsible for several innovations in automobile electric systems, including the first reliable battery ignition system and the first practical automobile self-starter.
Initially Kettering and Deeds were co-workers at National Cash Register Company (NCR). Kettering and Deeds had a lifelong professional relationship and friendship. In 1904, Deeds hired Kettering at NCR to motorize the cash register.

Delco ignition system

Main article: Delco ignition system
Deeds' barn
Around 1908, Deeds asked for help with a car he was building from a kit. Working in one of Deeds' barns with spare-time help from William A. Chryst and other NCR friends, Kettering developed a high-energy spark ignition system to replace the weak-spark model supplied with the kit. Leaving NCR in 1909, Kettering focused on final development of this ignition set and demonstrations were favorably received. In 1909, when Henry Leland of Cadillac ordered 5,000 ignition sets, Deeds and Kettering formed the Dayton Engineering Laboratories company. The ignition system was introduced on the 1910 Cadillac.

 1917 Paul Henry Weaver in front and 3 women in hats.   Edna E Weaver and two friends.
 1917 Delco Dell Bridal Path my father l-r "Hanna Swearingen, Paul H Weaver,  Edna Eicher Weaver and Emma Esther Eicher? 
 1917  Edna E Weaver and Paul H Weaver, on Delco Dell Bridal Path.
 1917 Kettering Hills, two women in Delco Dell on bridal path.  (Bridal. like for horses)

1917 Paul Henry Weaver viewing the the fountain in the mid of the Delco Dell pond.  Oct 1917 by NEW.

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