Friday, May 29, 2015

Faribault Friends of Dr Paul H Weaver and Margaret G Weaver captured in slides

 1959  Silvis Home, Marge Silvis, Peg Weaver, By Berhow, Ed Silvis by Paul H Weaver

1960 slide #58. Marge and Ed Silvis "In Pakistani garb" in Weaver Living Room Faribault, by PHW 
 Sept 1960 Effie Haessley Home, Mrs Beebe (widow of General Beebe) Marge Silvis.
Ed Silvis, Peg Weaver, Dr Shah, Faribault by PH Weaver slide #221

 1960 Sept, Mrs Beebe, Effie Haessley, Ed Silvis, Peg Weaver, Dr Shah and Marge Silvis by PHW slide #220
 Oct 1960 at St James School Headmaster's home, Marv Horstman. L - R  _____?, Ed Silvis, Byron Berhow,  (Peg Weaver's hair) Marv Horstman.
 1960 Oct lide Peg Weaver with Peggy Agerter at Marv Horstman's St James School Faribault  by PHW slide #238
1960 Marge Silvis, woman in blue?, man, glasses and sport coat, Marv Horstman, by PHW

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