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Scouting in the Weaver Family - Garfield School Cub Pack Meeting Spring 1950 -Camp Ajawah in 1950 July trip from Faribault

The oldest of the Weaver boys in Jim Weaver, born Sept 1940, and here in the Spring of 1950, here he is with his dad, (the taller man  to the right, at age 9, in the basement of Garfield Elementary School in Faribault.  This is the first scouting photo in the Peg and Pete Weaver family photo album.
For a history of the BSA, Boy Scouts of America see
 On page 63 of the Peg and Paul H Weaver family photo album, this is labeled Nela Heath and Gary Heath, Mrs Peterson, Tommy Laroux, Mrs Knutson and Mike Knutson, Jim Weaver and Paul H Weaver, Mrs Reineke and a boy Reineke. This is Mr Toregson the Cub Scout Pack Leader.  According to the current 2014 website on Scouting "Cub Scouting is for boys in the first through fifth grades, or 7 to 10 years of age. Boys who are older than 10, or who have completed the fifth grade, can no longer join Cub Scouting, but they may be eligible to join the Boy Scouting or Venturing program."

 On the same page in 1950 this is labeled by my mom "Jim got his Cub Wolf Badge". Mr Torgeson with 5 boys, ____?, Jim Weaver, Mike Knutson, ____/, _____? Garfield Elementary School Basement.
Cub Scout, Jim Weaver getting ready to be taken to Camp Ajawah, age 9 Faribault driveway.  With brothers Jack, age 6 and Tommy age 3.   

1949 Buick in 1950 with Jim Cub Scout age 9 . Jack age 6 and Tommy age 3 with Raggity Andy.

Ajawah History

Since 1922, boys and girls from Minnesota and throughout the world have come to experience two weeks of summer fun at Ajawah. After its founding by Westminster Boy Scout Troop 33, Camp Ajawah held its first sessions on Phelps Island on Lake Minnetonka. In 1929, the camp was moved to its permanent home on Linwood Lake.

Today, Ajawah holds four summer sessions, two for girls and two for boys. Ajawah becomes the temporary home of more than 300 campers each summer, about 80 campers per session. The boys' sessions still enjoy a vibrant scouting program, and Ajawah serves as a home base for BSA troops 33 and 100.
For 80 years, Ajawah has operated under the guidence of Westminster Presbyterian Church.

 Cub Scouts and neighbors in Faribault, Jim Weaver and Gary Heath.  ca 1950

 Platform tent at Camp Ajawah.
 Cub Scout Jim Weaver in 1950 at Camp Ajawah. Looking pensive.

Jim Weaver looking more upbeat in the platform tent at Camp Ajawah.
1950 view of swimming dock at Camp Ajawah on Linwood Lake, near Wyoming MN Photo by PHW

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