Saturday, November 1, 2014

First Cathedral in Faribault Sept 21, 2014 Cloister Naming Ceremony with Canonization of Rev James Zolatis and Paula Zotalis

 On the first day of Autumn, Sunday Sept 21, 2014, I attended a ceremony at the Cathedral in Faribault to honor Rev James Zotalis and his deceased wife Paula Zolatis, who beginning, in October of 2002 supported the congregation in raising $400,000 to build a cloister connecting the two buildings, the Cathedral completed in 1869 and the Guild House in 1894.  When I visited with Jim during my Faribault Class of 1965 40th Reunion planning, he announced that the estate of our old family neighbor, Helen Gipson with whom my mom sang, had bequeathed $400,000. along with another estate gift from a local benefactor for $100,000. Then the construction of the Cloister and the surrounding gardens became a reality in 2006!

View of the Guild House, with descriptions of the interior spaces, as I arrived on the Cathedral Grounds prior to the 10 AM Communion Service in the Cathedral followed by the Naming Ceremony within the Cloister.
 Red Bud Tree on the right, planted in the spring of 2007, and dedicated to the memory of my father Paul H Weaver MD, who loved this tree and its spring lavender flowers from his youth in the south of Ohio.  My mom, and family of choice friends, Jane Newell and Byron Aldrich support me and my mom, Margaret "Peg" Glessner Weaver during that dedication in the spring of 2006
Peg Weaver, age 96 looking at the red bud tree, as we envisioned a gift for the new Cloister Garden in Faribault as a living memorial to Paul H Weaver MD (1910 = 1982) and his love of the natural world. 
Planting crew Jim Langevin, Faribault, Dan Gorbanow, St Paul, Tom Weaver, Twin Cities, Mark Mueller-Dahl, Northfield, who planted the redbud tree in April 2007, after we picked it up at the Bachman's Nursery on Cedar Ave north of Northfield.
Peg looking at the heart shaped leaves in May after the tree bloomed, 2007   

Jane Newell and Peg Weaver May 2007 after dedication ceremony at the Cathedral for the Red Bud tree in the Cloister Garden 
Jane Newell, Amy Brown and Jesse Weaver visiting the garden after the ashes ceremony in the Cathedral Columbarium in 2009. 

 Cloister Entrance to the Cathedral and Guild House with garden, Sept 21, 2014, on my way into the service.

Rev Jim Zolatis in red sweater with his family on the right, with Bishop Brian Prior in teh colorful garb, with Rev Henry Doyle and other church supported during the Canonization and Cloister dedication ceremony follow by a meal in the cloister common space. 

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