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1929 Road Trip of Weaver and Roehm Familes. Gallipolis to the Virginia Coast and more!

 Noah Elwood and Edna created a larger format album, starting in 1929, with a road/camping trip with the Tom and Gladys Roehm family and their only child, Paul Henry Weaver, home from his first year at Antioch College.  Very few labels and I have discerned that this was an educational trip through the mountains and coasts of WV, Tenn., Virginia, North Carolina and Kentucky.  Tom Roelm was a school teacher in Dayton and the boy here appears to be Gladys and Tom 's step son, Laurence Reichelderfer, born Miamisburg OH 7 Nov 1920.
 Beginning of the trip,  Laurence Reichelderfer, Gladys Roehm, Edna Eicher Weaver and Paul Henry Weaver on the bridge over the Ohio.  Taken by Tom Roehm. P 2 of Larger Format Green Album
 On Page 3, in Edna's white penmanship "Miner's Cottages Kanawha R. Heaps of them for miles and miles. On stilts on hillsides.  Valley narrow and long. Coke ovens along RR tracks. Churchs (sic) interesting. " (TW comments - noticing the haze in the back ground.  Coke is a by product of coal.  WV is known for long term coal mining.   Learn about Coke - Coal.
Kanawha River   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kanawha_River

 Kanawha Falls - Meeting of New and Gauley Rivers at Gualey Bridge,  P 3 Edna Weaver with 19 yr old Paul Henry Weaver by the car.. (Note the haze in the background)

"Near Kanawha Falls" Stairs with Paul H Weaver and Laurence stepson of Roehms. P 3

 P 4 Around Hawks Nest from Observation Tower.  Note x where the tents are set up.

P 4 Camp Site with umbrella tents of the Roehm Family left and Weaver Family right.  Near Hawks Nest West Virginia. 

P 4,  Donkey or mule with Laurence, Gladys, Tom and Paul Henry. Feeding the alarm clock :-)

Tom Roehm, Jr High teacher in Dayton, feeding "the alarm clock".  P4 1929 near Hawks Nest New River WV.  
Noah Elwood Weaver on observation tower, near Hawk's Nest,  New River, West Virginia. P4
 View from Observation Tower.  South by NEW P5.
 View East from observation tower by Noah Elwood Weaver, P 5.
View of New River from observation desk, NEW P 5
 Page 8, 1929 Large Format album. Paul Henry Weaver. Laurence Riechelderfer drinking from old well, with Edna H Eicher Weaver and Noah Elwood Weaver looking on.

1929 Sewell Mt West Virginia, 3180 ft Lee's Tree Tavern with Edna Weaver and Laurence  Riechelderfer by Noah Elwood Weaver, page 9..

Roehm and Weaver Families at White Sulphur Springs, 1929 - Bottom image with Tom Roehm, Paul H Weaver back to camera, Gladys Roehm and Laurence Riechelderfer on page 9.

Winding Road Beyond White Sulphur Springs WV.   P10

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