Friday, June 21, 2013

Spring into Summer - Green Options in Minnesota 2013 :-)

Last year I began to work in Denny Stockdale's garden in Edina.  My sister Jane Newell and I began weeding and rescuing some the hosta's here, and planted ferns by the back fence.  With all the rain, fun to see the bench below the spruce tree calls people to sit and meditate and slow down and enjoy the green.

Lilacs with sweet smells of spring with the vegie garden in the background at Denny's

Here is the late start of the herb and vegie garden. 

Small detailed garden behind Denny's house. 

Love seat under the ash tree, recently re mulched. 

Here is the organizer of the bike ride from Myers Hall, Carleton from I think the class of '83, that was advertised to be the first to the Thorstein Veblen Farm in Goodhue County by Nerstrand.  I will add his name later.  He is here from Peru Indiana.....

Participants ( I think around 30 started the 15 mile ride into the SE Wind...and not sure how many finished) The blue shirted folks are recent Carleton Grads who are helping out with the logistics of the reunion weekend. 

A couple of the class participants who are enthusiastic along the road to Nerstrand.

Finally at the top of the long hill.  To the left is Nerstand Big Woods State Park. To the right is the town of Nerstand and beyond, the Veblen farmstead.

The corner on the dirt road, with the small Veblen welcoming sign below the blue fire number.

We were welcomed by the woman in the pink shirt who lives at the home with the spread of food.  Cheeses from local farms. Sustainability is one of the themes of the reunion. She works with her hands, and repairs clocks and is also a Weaver. Will add names later, hopefully

Here we are having a tour of the flower and vegetable area by Mark Fjelstad who promotes the special aspects of the Veblen History.  Thorstein Veblen wrote about Conspicuous Consumption around 1900. 
For details of his life, check out.

Old barn on the Veblen Homestead. 

T B V, vertical initials carved in as a youth in a stud in an upstairs bedroom. 

View of the Veblen home as it was extensively restored recently.  Mark in green shirt and ______ in the pink shirt live in the home. 

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