Sunday, June 23, 2013

Carleton Rugby History - 45th Celebration of Men's Rugby and 35th of Womans- Expanding the Network of Rugby!

 During Reunion 2013, I started running into men who I knew began the Carleton Rugby Tradition back in 1968.  Prior to the weekend, my friend Jamie Wellik, Carleton '87 and current Carleton Rugby Club coach, encouraged me to attend and see how much of the thread of the history I could put together.   So here is the beginning.  I trust others.closer to the history will edit and refine the story!!!

I attended  the C Club lunch Saturday June 22, a place for honoring more the mainstream of intercollegiate sports at a lunch at the new Weitz Center of the Arts.  Then, after buying books written by Carl's including Lance Craighead, I wondered over beyond Lyman Lakes to the big Rec Center.

It had been refreshing to re connect with Lance Craighead, '69 at the Rube n Stein for dinner the night before, with Bob and Ann Aby '67 now of Northfield and then we opted to walk to the Contented Cow, the local watering hole along with Cannon River, where I reconnected with other guys who co created the first Rugby Teams.  Al Wells '71 and Todd Carlson of '70 and others were there to share in the evening story telling over a brew,  that tend to be part of the Rugby tradition I have learned.  I had a local cider complements of Lance and then I met a woman who works at Macalester College in the Chem Dept who went to Frost Valley YMCA in the 1970's the same era I worked with Halbe Brown there.   Neat to connect and share stories.  Thanks Karen from Macalester Collage.

So Tim Preheim in the light blue shirt and shorts in the middle, took the initiative to call the group together.  Some of the guys I knew from L - R, Jay Bothwell '71 (lt blue), Bill Mauzy '69 blue and white striped, ________black and green shirt?, Tim Preheim, Dave "Brute"Bradshaw '69 , Lance Craighead '69 light colored shirt, Royston Kruse 1971, a native of British Africa who was raised playing rugby there! Not sure of the names of others.

Pixie Newman ‘78, the founder of women's Rugby with Dave Bradshaw, Class of 1969.

 The guy in the grey shirt William Hartley, was the Carleton Professor who started Rugby on Campus during the time of president John Nason, here talking with Jay Bothwell.  I think he taught in government.  In the blue shirt is in front Denny McGraw, 1969,   known mostly as Muggsy McGraw during our days on campus. He was one of my freshman roommates.

Many attendees, whose names I do not know  ---Feel free to contact me off line, to add names

William Hartley in center

William and Pixie, founders of men's and woman's rugby clubs at Carleton


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    1. Hi Nasir, Tom Weaver, Carleton 1969 and friends of some of the founders --glad this was useful --Are you a Carleton Guy? I am working now on a program for our 50th reunion and hope some of the founders can speak about this --and some of the panels are open to many eras of folks influenced by the spirit of Carleton ---I live in the Twin Cities and get to Northfield regularly -feel free to contact me off line, tomweaver7747@gmail or text/talk 612 281 5230 Best regards and thanks Tom W