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Orchards and Apples - Emma Esther Eicher's Journal from 1921 and beyond

The past few weeks, prior to the centennial of the Greater Miami River Flood Centennial, I have been transcribing the journal of my great aunt, Emma Esther Eicher that she wrote from 1921 onwards. 
Meeting with Brian Wheat, a school teacher here in the Twin Cities while enjoying a cider at the Birchwood Cafe the subject of hard cider on farms came up.  He is a native of New York near Buffalo and described the heirloom apples that result in varietal ciders.   I noticed on entry from Esthers journal listing the apple trees on the farm about 1926,10-15 years after these photos were taken.  Just wonder about the varieties back then.  Here is the list Esther wrote: 
"Cedar – Apple tree an etc as they stand a row from cedar trees to road -   Delicious
Yellow transparent & dead
Rome Beauty & dead
York Imperial
Red Astrakan

Clapp favorite
Flemish beauty


Helping to set the stage for the journal writing in 1921 and there after, are the photos of the Weaver-Eicher families as captured through the lens of Noah Elwood Weaver, my grandfather. (1885 -1973) This connection kept the 100% German heritage of that side of my family tree. 

Here in the Eicher Farm Orchard,  are my grandfather Noah Elwood Weaver, Paul H Weaver as an infant in likely 1911 as he was born Dec 24, 1910, being held by his aunt Emma Esther Eicher, always called Esther as she had an Aunt Emma Eicher.  At the Eicher Farm in Miami Twp Montgomery County Ohio surrounded by the apple trees of the orchard, Esther refers to in the late 1920's. 
Mother Edna Eicher Weaver, and son Paul Henry and father Noah Elwood at the Eicher farm Apple Orchard.   I often remark how much taller the Eicher woman were, and here is Edna said to be around 6 feet with her new husband "Elwood" as Noah's dad was a Noah. 

Edna Eicher Weaver, Noah Elwood Weaver, Emma Esther Eicher, Helena "Lane" Paul Eicher, Paul Henry Weaver, and Henry Eicher Spring 1911.
Henry Eicher, looking at his grandson, Paul Henry with the stereopticon held by his father, Noah Elwood Weaver.  May 1914 on the lawn of the Eicher home Bellbrook Road Miami Twp east of Alexandersville-West Carrollton.  

Henry Eicher, Emma Esther Eicher, PH Weaver and NE Weaver. Stereopticon - billed by some as the end of the 19th Century's version of the VCR. For more background on the history of the stereopticon see

Henry Eicher with his grandson, Paul Henry Weaver, wooden keg on wheels.  Would cider have been made in such a cask?  At the home on Bellbrook road. 

Bellbrook Road looking east at the corner of the house, around 1914, Paul Henry with Grandpa Henry Eicher, he called "dad-dad".  

Henry Eicher with Paul H Weaver ca 1917 Bellbrook Road home with chicken eggs.
PH and His mom, Edna Eicher Weaver on the Eicher Farm South of Bellbrook Road, Sect 15 Miami Twp Montgomery County Ohio. 

Looking east by Henry Eicher home on 2 acres on Bellbrook Road by Springboro Pike. PH Weaver walking in the distance ca 1919.

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