Thursday, March 28, 2013

700 Mile Day - Miami River Valley Ohio - Springfield ALincoln in the Snow and Back to Minne Snow Dah!

Before I left Troy Ohio on Sunday Morning March 24, I took in the warmth of Cousin Jeannette Allen Weaver's guest bedroom message.  Wonderful to connect with relatives in Ohio who are loving of the family stories and connections!  Thanks Jeannette and Fred for you kind hospitality! 
The colorful warmth of the Weaver kitchen, celebrating the coming of spring! MMM fruit and bacon.
On Saturday, the day before my drive back Fred and Tory, their friendly dog, took me for a walk to a scenic valley in a hardwood forest, the Charleston Falls Preserve, where we went for a 2 mile hike in the morning after breakfast.  Ice still below the falls here. 

Before the 3 PM event at the Dayton Institute of Arts where I met my Weaver Family Tree, photographer cousin Tony Snow and his family, Fred and Jeanette took me back to West Carrollton, Evergreen Cemetery, where many of the Eichers are buried. 

Then to Ellerton where the Weavers, Pauls, Allens were laid to rest. 
As I have been posting photos of the Emma Esther Eicher and Henry Eicher 2 acre plot at the corner of  Alex-Bellbrook Road and Springboro Pike, here is a small commercial building now on the corner that replaced a Shell Gas Station I remember from a tour by Bill Eicher my cousin, back in 1984, the first time I was welcomed back to the Miami River Valley by a cousin that deepened my interest in connecting with my family tree here. 

Fred and Jeannette viewing the 1913 -2013 exhibit of the photos.  I learned in Andy Snows talk with photos in the auditorium, where Noah Elwood Weaver was acknowleged,  that the engineering done under the direction of Morgan, in flood prevention, at that time was the largest private investment project for infrastructure development in the world.  There was no government money invested in this at all.  The Miami Conservancy District was formed and the district funded the book the features Noah Elwood Weaver photos pages 72 and 128.

The outside of the DAI  Dayton Art Institute 

Like many Americans, I have had a life long interest in the life and wisdom of Abraham Lincoln.  I visited his childhood home with my youngest son, Jesse in Indiana in the summer of 1999.  That is the year we took our bike on the Lake Michigan Ferry and visited Findlay Ohio, home of the Glessner-Chase maternal branch of my family and the  Miamisburg- West Carrollton Ohio area, home of the Weaver-Eicher-Paul- Brandt roots of my paternal branch. 

I left Troy Ohio about 9:30 AM Eastern Time, drove Hwy 40 across the Englewood Dam, here described on Wiki "Englewood dam is the largest of the dams maintained by the district. It regulates the flow of theStillwater River into the Great Miami River. It consists of 3,500,000 cubic yards (2,700,000 m3) of earth, is 110 feet (34 m) high and stretches 4,716 feet (1,437 m). U.S. Route 40 crosses the top of the dam. The dam can contain 209,000 acre feet (258,000,000 m3) of flood water over 6,350 acres (26 km2). It was constructed in 1919 and consists of as much earth as the Great Pyramid of Giza."

The road were clear until I reached I 72 in Illinois around "White Heath".  Then the snow fell quickly.  This photo was taken on I 55 north of Springfield as I noticed a lot of cars in the ditch.  I later learned Springfield had a record 17" snowfall as I read the reports Monday after my return to Minnesota

I found the car park with this map of the Lincoln Museum Campus likely about 2 PM Central Time. 

This was the view with a few inches of wet snow on the ground.   I spent a couple of hours in the museum and found a nice T shirt to send to my Chinese Guide in Nanjing, Tony as I have been looking for something quality and appropriate.  Very moving exhibits and the film about Lincoln's eyes, joy and grief was quite moving.

I did take this photo in the snow at Springfield as somehow I like to visit the capital cities in our states. 
I left Springfield a suppose around 4:30 and swung by this building and then headed north on I 55.  Checked out my body to see if I was getting tired as I could have stopped to rest..>And then I went past  Iowa City, headed north through Cedar Rapids west to I 35 and then back north to the Twin Cities. All along my green pony, 1999 Dodge Caravan, did really well.  Pulled in here at 3 AM Monday morning and now I am relaxed and pretty well caught up on sleep.  Mmmmm Spring is arriving here. Birds are singing and forecast for above 50 today.  !!

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