Sunday, January 20, 2013

Greater Miami River Valley - Photographs by Noah Elwood Weaver

I inherited the photographer albums of my paternal grandfather, Noah Elwood Weaver (1885-1973) who made many images from the late 1890's, throughout the first half of the 20th Century.   Here he captures a canoeist on the Great Miami River at West Carrollton Ohio where he lived all of his married life, 1909 - 1973, 

The West Carrollton Dam at higher water on the Greater Miami. 

Recreation on the Greater Miami River, CA 1905, West Carrollton Dam, wading and boating. 
Springtime likely on the Eicher Farm, Sect 15, flowering dogwoods, Noah Elwood Weaver, unknown woman, Edna Eicher, Charles Eicher and unknown woman. 

Three women, Edna Eicher on right likely on Hydraulic Canal, West Carrollton. 

West Carrollton OH environs with Greater Miami River 1895. the Hydraulic, dark line above West Carrollton,  noting the Eicher farms in section 15. Other dark line through town is the Miami and Erie Canal.
Current Satellite View of the area.,West+Carrollton,+OH&gl=us&ei=rG_8UIOnNtL2rAGo3IGgBw&ved=0CIwBELYD

Bridge across the hydraulic canal by West Carrollton and Evergreen Cemetery. 

Summertime view of Hydraulic Canal looking NW West Carrollton OH

Wintertime view of Hydraulic Canal looking NW West Carrollton OH
Downtown West Carrollton Union Building with Miami and Erie Canal bridge and interurban train CA 1910

Paul Henry Weaver (1910 - 1982) , son of Noah Elwood Weaver near a leveling lock of the Miami and Erie Canal in West Carrollton
Greater Miami River CA 1905 - six women and a man, near West Carrollton OH by Noah Elwood Weaver.  Edna Eicher, far right. 

Greater Miami River flood plain - Esther Eicher far left, Noah Elwood Weaver center front. 

Placid view of Greater Miami CA 1905.

Miami Township, West Carrollton 1875, with Erie- Miami Canal- Hydraulic Canal and Franz Eicher Farm Section 15. 

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