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Eicher, Bohlender, Lender, Oberheu Books from Southwest Ohio - 1815 - early 1900's

One of the challenges of inheriting a family collection of books, is finding a good home for them in the 21st Century where they will be loved and appreciated in a good way -  Here are a series of books, with some personal inscriptions I am hoping to find homes for, best in South West Ohio, Dayton and Cincinnati likely have the best archival possibilities ------read on----and thanks -)
 The oldest published books are small, 3 1/2 " by 5" in 3 volumes Gottfied August Burger's Gedichte, printed in Fractur in Koln 1815, that like Fredrick Lender carried over to Cincinnati from Germany- Fredrick Beno Lender
--> b. 30 Apr 1814, Nieheim, Hoxter, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
d. 17 Feb 1895, Cincinnati OH immigrated in 1838, and settled in Cincinnati in that year and started a hardware company in the city - In the census of 1850 he is listed as a 34 year old hardware merchant, in Ward 10 with Barbara his wife of 30 and daughter Dorothy of age 10 - His hardware store was located at 376 Main near 3rd, about 5 blocks off of the Ohio River and he resided nearby at 7th and Sycamore - In 1860"Fredrick Lender relocated his hardware company (est 1839) from Main Street to Brighton- The Brighton Hardware was purchased by the Hartke Family in 1892, and in 1897 moved o 2139 Central Avenue where it has remained -  In the Census of 1880 Fredrick Lender and wife Barbara were listed as living in the Oberheu residence at 971 Central Ave, in the maps below as #5 

 Early Lender, Eicher, Bohlander history on 1909 Cincinnati Map #1 St Mattheus at Liberty and Elm #2 Lender Hardware 1850 376  Main, #3 Lender residence Sycamore at 7th, #4 1860 move of Lender Hdwe to Brighton Hardware, Central and Harrison,
#5 971 Central Avenue with Louis and wife Emma Dorothy Lender Oberhue, where Louis worked in the hardware business, and three daughters and one son, Lydia, Walter, Jennie and Nellie ages 11, 9, 8 and 7 - With retired Fredrick Lender with Barbara Bohlender Lender -

In a nutshell, according to Charles A Eicher, the great grandson of Jacob, raised in Miamiburg OH on the Great Miami River " Johann Jacob Bohlaender  first lived in Brooklyn NY.....My great grand father was Jacob, my grandmother was Eva.  They came by Wagons to Blue Creek Indiana, saw deer drink water from Blue Creek. Then went to Cincinatti. Traveled as far as Piqua and helped haul hands (sic) from Cincinatti to build the North End of the Miami and Erie Canal"  Jacob  died  29 Dec 1843 in Cincinnati and is buried in Spring Grove Cemetery Plot: Garden LN, Section 35, Lot 160, Space 3His wife Anna Maria Runck Bohlander died on Dec 27 1943, and unable to locate her burial site - Their daughters Eva Margaret b 16 Feb 1821Erlenbach bei Kandel, Rheinland Pfalz and Barbara b 18 May 1818 both married in Ohio - Eva Margaret married Franz Eicher 22 Aug 1843 at St Matteus Church in the over the Rhine Area of Cincinnati, According to Charles A Eicher  “Grandfather Eicher boated (canal boat Work) with George Shepard First. Later he worked on the Pease line of boats. Then on Fred Jordan Line, Then on Chambers line." By 1870 Franz and Eva Margaret had a farm in Miami Twp Montgomery Co, east of West Carrollton and Alexandersville on the Greater Miami -

My sense is that Barbara Bohlender stayed in Cincinatti where her husband, Frederick Lender had a hardware store, listed in Cincinnati Directory in 1849 As Lender and Lohr Hardware  376 Main St., and after Fredrick died 17 Feb 1895, she stayed with her granddaughters  of the Oberheu line,

Another book likely from the library of Fredrick Lender, who arrived in Baltimore in  1838 and my 1839 had set up a hardware store in Cincinnati - Fredrick was a graduate of Bonn University who had a hardware store at 376 Main called Lender and Lohr.  (This is documented in the 1849-50 City Directory.)

Published in 1880, in America, when there were a lot of German speakers in the country (63 Pages)
Complete newspaper from Dec 7, 1899, published in Cincinnati From the internetDer Christliche Apologete, or The Christian Apologist in English, was begun in 1839 by RevWilhelm Nast, who was a minister in the Cincinnati, Ohio and mid-western area, and was thefounder of the German Methodist religious movement in the United States  He was born in1807 in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, and immigrated to the United States in 1828.He began his work organizing German Methodist churches in 1837in the Cincinnati and surrounding areas.His first church was located on Race Street in Cincinnati, Ohio. The present building was designed and built in 1881 by architect Samuel Hannaford on the original site, and still stands today, and is known today as the
Nast Trinity United Methodist Church 1310 Race Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202.
The issues used for this index are the hardbound original newspapers located at the Cincinnati History Library and Archives. These copies have never been microfilmed, and are currently only available from the library in paper, hardbound format. Copies of individual death noticescan be requested. The current address and contact informationfor this repository is:
Cincinnati Historical Library and Archives 1301 Western Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45203

1898 Elements of Botany from the library of Charles A Eicher, Alexandersville, Montgomery Co Ohio
Cover of Beetles and Flies book inscribed below to my dad, Paul Henry Weaver in 1919 when he was 9 years of age, from the Brandt cousins through the Paul-Brandt side, Phinie Brandt and Hans Hansen, who emigrated from Ribe Denmark

Gift from Fredrick Lender to his first granddaughter Lydia Oberheu in Cincinnati in 1875 (she was born in May 1869 in Cincy and was all of 6 years of age at the time! 
Many Books with Esther Eicher's name pasted in, from the West Carrollton School Library about Daniel Webster, published in 1888 - Likely best to return  it to its roots there?

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