Friday, December 2, 2016

1996 St Cloud Bethlehem Lutheran Boy Scout Troop Camping

For three years, I served as a Assistant Scout Master for the Bethlehem Lutheran Troup of Boy Scouts, along with Scoutmaster Gary Engler and fellow Assistant Scoutmaster Ron Schmid - We all had sons born in the mid 1980's  - Here are a couple of the campouts that we participated in back in 1996  ----
 Here we are setting up camp in the spring of 1996, behind the Weaver Nature Cabins, then stewarded by the Jim and Melanie Weaver family and the Sue and Tom Weaver family -  Pictured are the Schmid, Engler and Weaver campers, as well at Howie Heath, is looks to be playing a Native American Flute, an educator originally from Faribault and a long time high school  teacher in northern Minnesota -

Alex and Ron Schmid (left0 with ?? white rain gear?, Jesse Weaver, Charlie Engler, with Howie Heath holding his flute  ----

 Zac Engler with the early staminate and pistelate flowers (male and female) of the hazel shrubs with another scout on the Pelican Lake property

Another Campout at Lindbergh State Park, Little Falls, by the Mississippi River in 1996
 Cook stoves and tent setting up

Overview of the camp set up at Lindbergh State Park - Jesse Weaver, Mark Vasquez, and Alex Schmid in the front row setting up tents  --
 Troop Scoutmaster, Gary Engler, with other leader and scout, planning where to set up the stoves  --
 Mark and Jesse sharing water at the hand pump --- Mni Wiconi from the earth
Jesse and Mark at the Playground at Lindbergh Park

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