Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving at Jesse and Amy's home in St Cloud 2015

I drove up from St Louis Park to arrive at Jesse and Amy's home around noon,  after a light snow here in the Twin Cities.  Jesse greeted me at his front door attired in the Pendleton Wool Shirt I gave him last year!  Here he is in his kitchen having sliced up the cheese from Trader Joe's I bought and the venison sausage his Aunt Jill Johnson Schmidt had thoughtfully sent to me this past week. In front are the brussel sprouts Amy was preparing for roasting.  MMMM

 Jess sampling the venison and cheese, with the dicing of celery for the salad in process.
Amy working on cutting up veggies for the salad, as Jesse and I have cheese, venison sausage and crackers with green bottles of water, reused from the TJ Triple Ginger Brew case of 12 I pick up each year.
Nate in the center arrived to make chicken delight, a family favorite with chicken cooked with Chinese 5 spice herbs in a sauce.  Orange label is an second kind of non alcoholic ginger beer called Bundeberg from Australia I discovered at Steve Borden's Halloween Party, where The Julia Child part of me was enhanced by the creativity of my nephew-niece, two spirited Bobbi(e) F.  I met in April as a New York MKP Gateway weekend. 

 John Bernard, is dressing his salad. He provided the two bottles of Menage a Trois red wine for the event.

John, Sue, Nate, Jesse and Amy a the thanksgiving pot luck table where each of us contributed something for the easy does it feast.

My plate in front, with green salad (Amy) with tabouli (Sue) pork tenderloin with sweet potatoes me and mashed potatoes with brussel sprouts and chicken delight.  TJ's Triple Ginger Brew (no alcohol) and 18 oz reused green glass bottles full of just water. (John and Sue enjoying the food)

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