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Glessner Family Travels - 1924 Ohio New York Reflected in Margaret Glessner's Post Card Collection and later writing

From Rememberings of an Eighty-Three Year Old Grandma, Margaret Glessner Weaver 1994 p17 "Several times our family drove to Cedar Point, Ohio, where my father and Uncle Lewis attended a convention for druggists. Our route took us through Sandusky, Ohio, then onto a concrete road through the sand out along the shore of Lake Erie. We stayed at a big, resort hotel where Uncle Lewis, Aunt Peach, my cousins, Bob and John stayed, too. Swimming was fun in the waves, wearing bathing suits with short sleeves and short, straight skirts reaching almost to our knees. Women put on thin, rubber bathing caps with little ruffles around the edge. The roller coaster looked like a good time, but one ride was enough for me, making me very queasy. Much more enjoyable was the Crazy House, with its mirrors that made me look funny, and a very large, rotating, flat disc (like a large Victorola record) which spun me off rather gently. My father took chances at a booth and won a Kewpie for me, a small chubby doll with a topknot of hair.

p18 "When I drove to Canada with my Grandparents and Aunt Mary, we toured the Thousand Islands bylaunch, seeing the beautiful island estates. In Montreal we met my parents, who had come by train to attend a druggists convention. Among the places we visited was a Catholic Cathedral, where I was frightened by an old French-speaking woman shaking her finger and scolding me for being in the Cathedral with my head uncovered. Returning to Ohio through New York State, we visited Watkins Glen with its spectacular waterfalls and East Aurora (the home of Roycroft shops founded by Elbert Hubbard), where Aunt Mary and I shared a spacious, rustic room in a hotel."

For background on Watkins Glen and the natural park area....,_New_York
 Front of post card Margaret sent on her trip with her Glessner Grandparents, Len and Emma Chappelear Glessner to Montreal.
 Margaret's post card Aug 5, 1924 to her parents after receiving a letter at the General Delivery window at the Watkins Glen Post Office..
 Here is Margaret's card sent Aug 1, from Chautauqua NY asking for mail to General Delivery Watkins Glen and Ithaca NY.  
The front of the card at Chautauqua NY sent by Margaret...
For current information and to see what this tower looks like today See..

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