Sunday, May 19, 2013

Glessners Inez and Harry 1942 in Faribault to 1972 in Findlay

I visited Findlay Ohio in 1972 with my mom, Peg Glessner Weaver who was born in Findlay 3 June  1910.  My maternal grandmother here is Inez Chase Glessner, under the street sign of Glessner Avenue and Main Cross in Findlay. Inez married Harry Chappelear Glessner in March 25, 1908 in Findlay.  Here is the author with my Carleton College blazer on that I wore when singing with the Carleton Knights, 1965 -69. 

Here are Inez C Glessner and Margaret Mary "Peg" Weaver at the same street corner in Findlay. 

1942 Christmas Visit - Grandparents Inez and Harry Glessner with James Cowles "Jim" Weaver, having "tea".  Jim was born in Faribault MN Sept 8, 1940 and this was taken in the rental home, small limestone 201 4th Ave SW, mentioned in Peg Weaver's 1994 Rememberings Memior.  This is the third and last rental property prior to the Weaver's purchasing the larger limestone home at 425 SW 3rd St, Faribault in 1943, prior to John Eicher Weaver AKA "Jack's birthday in October of that year. 

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