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Honoring Noah Elwood Weaver - Photographer of the Greater Miami River Valley - West Carrollton, 1914 Dayton Race Lincoln Beachey and Barney Oldfield and more ----

First posted photos here in Dec 2012, and have had no comments by followers.  
Visited with Dawne Dewey archivist at Wright State University along with grad student Sarah Allison earlier in April 2016, with the support of Don Roden, who enjoys learning about this history of flying around the Dayton area.   Since 2012, the Allison's have welcomed me and my NEW photos at the West Carrollton Historical Society
Written in Dec 2012 "Noah Elwood Weaver ca 1917 West Carrollton Paper Factory
Recently Terry from the West Carrollton OH Historical Society contacted me about using some of my grandfathers images for the Christmas Season at museum.   It is always fun for me to reflect on my grandfather, as he was an early adopter of technology and used the large format camera for taking early photos. "

Here is a photo of my dad, Paul Henry Weaver, Christmas of 1912, 100 years ago, when he was 2 years of age.  Noticing the inside of the home at 321 E Main St in West Carrollton, that I remember visiting as a boy from Minnesota too.  Noah Elwood lived in West Carrollton for many years raising my dad there, with his first wife, Edna Eicher (Weaver) and then hosting us grandkids with his second wife, Virginia Magee.    

A Weaver cousin of mine, recently discovered, Andy Snow of Dayton, is working on a photo exhibit of the 1913 Great Flood of the Greater Miami River.   This is a photo Noah Elwood Weaver took of Shannon Ave in West Carrollton.   
This is one photo he took at West Carrollton High School 1913 (Top Photo) near his home of the students.  Below are some of the names recalled by Martha Werth in 1984 labeled when I visited. 

Lower picture at West Carrollton High School 1913 taken by NE Weaver. 
Refer to the names below recalled by Martha Werth in 1984.  

Names of people in the photos above, written by Martha Werth in 1984.

Some entertainment on Aug 1, 1914 included a "race" between Lincoln Beachey in the biplane
and Barney Oldfield who left bicycle racing for car racing.  NEW has a series of 1914 photos, some in the red album I am scanning now in March 2017 to deliver to Wright State Archives in a good way

Men around Lincoln Beachey and his plane at the Fairgrounds in Dayton OH next to NCR. 

Lincoln Beachey taking off. 

Barney Oldfield in his racing car. 
Lincoln Beachey's plane above a crowd of onlookers.

The Dayton Fairgrounds with crowd for the event. 

Label in cursive on the back "Beachey landing after Looping the Loop, Dayton Fairground, 8/1/1914"

NCR Parking lot by the county fairgrounds, photo by NEW. Scanned and added April 2016
BEACHEY on the wings of the plane here with a 1914 licensed car in the foreground.  Scanned and added April 2016.

About 1920?, labeled as "Rhinehard"sic, rather Howard Max Rinehart, who in 1927, partnered with Bernard L. Whelan, he formed the Rinehart-Whelan Company, which served planes and built a prototype all-metal monoplane in 1930.  page 30 Red large album

"Seems like the last we saw of Howard on the eastern seaboard was at Mineola in the summer of 1916 teaching for the Wright Company. In the fall he sold Deeds and Kettering the idea of airplane manufacturing and Dayton-Wright was the result. A couple of experimental tractors were built when the w. k. war put the company into the DH business---on what a scale?
     After the war the company built a commercialized version of the DH and the OW (Orville Wright) coupe for the civil market. Then came the Rinehart-Baumann Gordon Bennett racer of 1920. Upon his return from Europe after eight months of survey he went with Wright Aeronautical Corporation.. Abroad again, eventually bringing back, among other items, an all-metal Dornier which he demonstrated for the company at Mineola.
     He and Bernard L. Whelan then formed the Rinehart-Whelan Company and began work on the everyman's airplane. They completed and flew, 1927-1930, a prototype of an all-metal monoplane, including its own engine, capable of being marketed in the $1,200 class on a production basis. The alleged depression put a crimp in this. Whelan had already joined Pratt & Whitney and Howard departed again for the Amazon to rest up."

Plane likely on McCook field during the 1920's before Howard Max Rinehart and Bernard Whelan joined in 1927 to create the Reinhart-Whelan Co, in Dayton Ohio 
After 1923 when Howard Reinart and  Bernard Whelan " formed the Rinehart-Whelan Company to establish a business at the former Dayton-Wright Field at Moraine City, south of Dayton. They engaged in Passenger carrying, cross country trips, training, photography, and overhaul and sale of aircraft, engines and parts"

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