Monday, October 15, 2012

Autumn Bike Riding in Minnesota

Bob from Bloomington near Highland Park, where this photo was taken, has been a great guide and support person for me to get out and ride this year!  This photo was taken on an 8 mile jaunt last Sunday.  The white barked trees were like something from an Impressionist painting recalled Bob. So I was curious about this as it did not have the appearance of any of our native poplars or birch.  
Just to the south on the trail, Bob took this photo of me in front of the extensive prairie at Highland.  Fun to walk and ride the trails any time of year.
Here are the leaves of the White Poplar native to Europe and Asia.  The bright white is on the under side and was so striking on our trip.    Grateful for the continued learnings from Nature and especially the chan oyate, the tree nation who are well rooted and well grounded to Ina Maka, Mother Earth.  Thanks for their give away of oxygen and being such good teachers about how to let go, and the cycle of life.   Mitakuye Oyasin. 

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