Friday, April 16, 2010

Feb 18th - 3 Birthdays Cooper's Irish Pub in St Louis Park West End

Here we are celebrating Feb 18 with three birthday folks. Zach Engler, me, Kathy and Gary Engler (the three of us share Feb 18th as our birthday, and Molly Engler. Thanks to Zach Engler for suggesting this venue who is a resident of St Louis Park as well. He and his sister Molly now have a growing business, Metro Pets and More, Molly started out walking dogs.
See Grateful for my growing family of choice and new beginnings here in St Louis Park. In the same complex is a big new theater where I saw Avitar in 3D on New Years Day, and Hurt Locker, the night before the Oscars. I was quite surprised when Mark Boal, son of Bill Boal with whom I attended the Mankind Project World Elder Gathering in London and roomed with at the Columbia, won the Oscar for his writing of the screen play for Hurt Locker. Quite moving for me, as the film names WAR as the ultimate addiction here on this planet. WAR "we are right" and the killing that the two leggeds keep on doing in the name of the right God and all of that. People who fly airplanes into buildings and all. Anyway, I am grateful for the beauty of today and each day. Peace, love, joy with the spring.

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