Sunday, January 31, 2010

Old Plaza - Los Angeles, Calif 1928 Mary to Harry C Glessner

Postmarked April 23 1928 Arcade Sta.Los Angeles. "Don't forget to tell Inez that Dad, Mother and I took a taxi to-day and went down to Barker Bros and to lunch there, then Mother walked through some of the stores and walked down to Robinson's, but did not go in, then they took a taxi home. Mother enjoyed it all, the first time she has been in a store. Will do it again soon. Love, from Mary." Addressed to Harry C Glessner Findlay Ohio c/o The Glessner Company. Context: Mother is Emma Chappelear Glessner then some 73 yrs old who had cataracts and a few strokes. Dad is Len Glessner, founder of the Glessner CO. Mary is my great aunt, and only daughter of Emma and Len Glessner and Harry, my grandfather was the head of the GLessner Company during Len Glessners travels to be with his in laws in LA.

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