Monday, May 25, 2009

Donald B Lawrence PhD Field Botany Instruction - 1972-3

Here is a black and white photo, I think taken by Russ Hurt, a student in the field botany class where I was a teaching assistant for Don Lawrence. Here, I think one of the students is Duncan McCutcheon and another Matthew Wood with the bike, who has gone on to be an author and national-international teacher of herbalism. Don is demonstrating the flora along the Mississippi not far from where the green house and room he taught from when the Botany Dept was still on the Minneapolis East Bank campus. When I run into Matt, he does mention I was one of his first botany teachers. I am humbled and grateful for the lessons Don taught me about many things. It was in his class I first read May Theilgaard Watts who was the first naturalist at Morton Arboretum.

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